What broker shall i use ?

The OXE Indicators and EA’s work on all brokers.

Do your indicators and EA Repaint ?

The OXE Indicators and EA are proprietary developments and do not Repaint, back paint and the arrows do not disappear  once triggered.

Do you offer refunds ?

Unfortunately, we do not offer refunds.

That is the reason why we offer one month rental options giving you the opportunity to try out our products before deciding to buy.

For more information, please check out out refund policy in the About Us section.

How to install OXE Indicators and EA ?

Detailed instructions for installation will be provided along with the purchase.

In principal, if you do have an MT4 platform, the installation as straight forward as installing any other Indicator or EA.

How will i receive the OXE products once purchased ?

As soon as the product is purchased, our agents will register and license the product to your MT4 platform. This is normally done within 4-5 hours.

At most, the product is delivered to your email address within 24 hours along with instructions for installation.

What are your support options ?

Our agents are available round the clock. We recommend communication over email.

For any support queries, please write to us on support@fxoxe.com


Do you offer future upgrades free of cost ?

Yes, all future upgrades are supplied free of cost to Lifetime license holders.

How many MT4 accounts will i be able to use with your indicators and EA's ?

For all our rental products, we offer compatibility of use with just one MT4 account. At the time of purchase, you will be requested to provide us your MT4 account number on which you would like us to setup the indicator or EA.

For all life time license products purchased through our website, we offer these to work with two MT4 accounts. (One demo and other real account)

The sole purpose is to facilitate our customers in testing out the products in demo before shifting to a real broker account. At any point in future, if you decide to change your broker, you will have to purchase the product (Indicator or EA) again. However, for all such cases, we do offer our customers 50% discounts if they do end up buying again due to shift of broker account. We provide this discount for each customer twice for two subsequent purchases of the same product after the first purchase. The discounted product is offered with one MT4 account (your new broker account).