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FX OXE Forex Pro Algo 2019 EA Monthly Rental

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  • Algorithmic Non Repaint Pro EA
  • Focused on high Risk Management
  • Dynamic Take Profit / Stop Loss/ Trailing Stop
  • Breakeven Profits
  • Neural Network based including fundamental news impacts
  • Will be locked to 1 MT4 Account




Modes & Timeframes

The EA comprises of a “Conservative mode” as well as “Aggressive mode”. Conservative mode is likely to provide signal accuracy between 95% to 100%.

Aggressive mode is likely to provide signal accuracy around 80%.

The EA is programmed to work optimally and profitably on a 1H timeframe or above, although it also works on smaller time frames.

Non Repaint, Non Disappearing, Non Back painting

EA gives non repaint arrow signals in line with market conditions.

Arrow signals once triggered will never disappear, that’s a promise.

Dynamic Take Profit / Dynamic Stop Loss / Dynamic Trailing Stop / Dynamic Lot Size

The EA is high focused on Risk Management. IT adjusts trades based on market conditions. It also moves stop loss as the trade progresses to ensure minimum or no losses. It dynamically picks the most appropriate lot size depending upon the associated risk. SL, TP, Steps can be changed in settings.

Auto Risk Management

The EA has an auto risk management function where to automatically assigns a 1:1, 1:2 or 1:3 RRR depending upon the potential of the trend. By default, the EA assigns a stop loss few pips below the nearest lowest low or above the nearest highest high. It then evaluates the trade potential, if the number of pips from the trade open till the stop loss are above a certain threshold limit (this threshold can be set in the EA), it means the trade incurs high risk, accordingly, the auto risk management function assigns a small lot size say 0.2 (can also be set in settings). On the contrary, if the risk is low, the EA assigns a higher lot size say 0.5 (again can be set in settings)

Break Even / Minimum and Max TP

The EA sets a certain pip level (10 pips by default) as a trigger to move the stop loss to break even. As soon as the trade reaches a profit of 10 pips, the EA moves the SL to breakeven. This is an additional precaution should the market go against the trade, it would automatically close on breakeven giving no profit and no loss.

Automatic Trade Closures

The EA closes trades automatically based on reverse signals from our Neural networks. As soon as there is an indication that the market is about to do something weird, the EA closes trades automatically.

Trend, Momentum and Swing

Swing traders and trend traders execute market timing strategies that require different skill sets.

The EA respects Trend, Momentum and looks at existing swing ensuring accurate signals for trend, momentum or swing traders.

Market fundamentals

The EA receives fundamental analytics from our back-end servers to ensure no wrong signals provided during critical news times.

Market Moving Zones

The EA comes with  a “Market Moving Zones” indicator right on your chart. This enumerates exactly where the market is headed and clearly shows whether the market is in an up trend, down trend or otherwise ranging.

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